Monday, January 12, 2015

One Week 'Til Christmas!

Hey everyone! 
This has been an AMAZING couple of week!!! Sorry I didn't email yesterday. We had our Christmas zone conference! And this past week we had an amazing 1/2 mission conference. So you'll be getting a few different emails from me with notes from them! So here's what's been going on with me:
Tuesday - 1/2 mission conference! SO powerful! I felt emotionally and spiritually and physically drained! It surely was amazing! After we got our mail, Sis. Bauserman picked us up to go visit Lina and Juan. We were planning on making their baptism program with them. We went through a quick version of all the lessons and they expressed how they didn't have any questions and still really wanted to get baptized.
Wed - During our hour at the library  we received a phone call from Sis. Bauserman. She got a text from Lina that she had talked wit her mom on the phone and her mom asked her if she was ready to make such a big commitment. In the end, she told Sis. Bauserman that she wasn't fully ready to commit yet. So, the baptism was cancelled. But, we're glad she realized it now before she was baptized vs after she got baptized. We know she knows this is the truth...she just needs some time. Both Sis. W8 and I accidentally fell asleep before our DL did our nightly phone call, ending up worrying everyone. (phone was on silent). We woke up Thurs morning with 13 missed calls. Some from our DL (district Leader) some from our ZL's (Zone leaders) and one from our Mission pres's wife, Sis. Griffin...OOPS.....haha.
​ Thurs - we got to go out with the RM Emily McMurry. We ended up caroling / tracting with her. Was a ton of fun! ​We met someone named Provda = musician, very sweet and said we could come back another time. Another house ended up being a Chinese woman. She ended up crying while we were there and said it couldn't have been a better timing with the singing then she thanked us. I love being a missionary!  After tracting we went to the Acre's home. We had promised them before that we would sing Mary Did you Know and Little Drummer Boy. well, Sis w8 the night before got the lyrics for us. Just Mary (the grandma / mom) was home. All three of us sang it to her the best we could. Wasn't too shabby! We talked for a bit, then her daughter Lisa got home from teaching (elementary school teacher). The other two made me do a solo of Mary Did You Know for her! not too bad! :p While I was on the roll of doing solos, and talking about Christ and women of the bible, I brought up the play / musical Savior of the World that I was in of 2012. I sang for them a verse of Who am I? I love that song SO much! Had another great lesson at the Williams that night!
Frid - I woke up wide awake with the alarm, super happy and pumped for the day! It was amazing! It was a GREAT day even though there was weekly plannin! It all depends on your attitude! Sis W8 and I went and heart attacked Lina and Juan's door! As we were leaving, the door opened. She saw us quickly walking away and laughed. We told her we loved her and to look at her door as we ran away. hahaha! Was so exhilarating! LOVED it! We then went caroling with Tiffany (ysa). Someone tried to give us money and was very persistent that we take it. We insisted we couldn't (it's a rule) and wouldn't take it!  While in the car, Sis W8 and I had a blast dancing and singing to the Christmas music we have. so much fun! We're allowed to listen to any Christmas music as long as it's not romantic! 5pm we went and helped set up / decorate for the church Christmas party! Everything was set up by 6:30 which is also the time ppl started showing up. At teh end of the party and pretty much everything was cleaned up, the Elders were in the church building so they popped in to say hi. They were talking to Sis. W8 while I was talk to Sis. Delp. On the way home, Sis W8 told me that one of the Elders called me a Molly Mormon. She asked him what that meant. He expressed how I get excited about everything - happy...or something like that. I took it as a compliment! :p
Sat - I was VERY out of it. I woke up groggy and as we helped Nikki Blevins pack up and move her stuff out of the Atwoods I barely talked and had like...NO energy. Idk why! :p We watched Finding Faith in Christ with her and the Williams. Went really well!
Monday - One month today my comp Sis w8 will be going home! She has become my best friend! I love her so much! Zone conference was AWE-MAZING! If you send me a blank DVD I will send you the skit we did! We did the 12 days of Christmas! It's too long to send on email. you'll never guess what movie we watched.....FROZEN!!! Why? I have NO clue! haha! I got a fun 12 days of Christmas package from my family! It was really funny, bc when we got home, Sis W8 got two packages from her family.  She doesn't' like surprises and was just going to open them last night. When she opened them, her presents were shrink wrapped so she wouldn't open them till Christmas. Was HILARIOUS!
It's already been a great day today! I love and miss you all so very much!! I love my mission so very very much! Talk to you all later! MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS!

Love, Sister Thomas

Elders in Walmart at Christmas

A very Chrismasy Home
Sisters at Zone Conference

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