Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas month

HEY-O!!! Great week this past week!!!

Last Mon - we went to the mall and took photo booth pictures! WAS AWESOME! (see pics attached)
Tues - 2 weeks earlier we tracted into someone named Justin who told us to come back in two weeks. Well, we went back, and they had completely moved out,....hahaha HILARIOUS!
Wed - had a lesson with the Williams - Taught the Plan of Salvation. They had read and prayed about the BOM and believed they got their answer that it is true!! WONDERFUL! They accepted the baptism date of Dec 27th! WHOOP WHOOP! 6:30pm my comp and I walked the street of Main St. There was no one to be found tho....but randomly I looked behind me and lo and behold there's a woman walking up towards us. We waited for her to catch up and she started passing us by so I caught her attention with, "Aren't you cold?" she said she wasn't then we started up a convo. In the end we found out her name was Dierra (was hard to not say mine was Sierra) loves Christ and would love to learn more! she even accepted a BOM! GREAT!
Thurs - HAPPY TURKEY DAY! I woke up, looked outside...and there was SNOW!!!! I was VERY happy! On our way to the Turkey Bowl we stopped for gas. As I was standing outside waiting for the car to fill up, I played / walked in the snow that was falling. Snowflakes are REAL! I thought they just fell in chunks, but some really do have patterns! was awesome! When we got to the field it was COVERED in snow! (look at pics attached) Everyone had fun playing football with ward members and friends! I hung out with a 15 yr old girl (Pres. McMurry's niece) taking pics and videos. 1pm = thanksgiving linner (lunch / dinner) at the McMurry's. Was GREAT! Delicious! we got to take a plate home and we took a plate to Beverly's house since she wasn't feeling very good. We visted CJ (by Gene) and he gave us some pie! YUM! 8pm - went over to the Newton's house and made cupcakes SO much fun!
Frid - got some AWESOME new pass along cards for Christmas. This is something I would like all of you to go check out! It brought tears to my eyes and gave me goosebumps! go to! And watch the 3 min. clip on the true meaning of Christmas! Then share it with: #sharethegift you'll love it!!! Let me know what you think of it! Sis. W8 and I are practicing our Caroling! So far we have a good harmony for Angels we have heard on high and Silent Night. It's so much fun! Our voices really compliment each other! We went and visted the Delps. he is in the army and so we got to try on his gear! (pics in attachments)

Overalll, we've had a pretty great week! And I'm starting to gain my mission weight! I've gained about 3 lbs! I wonder how much I will have gained by the end of my mission. Most sisters say about 20....YIKES....wish me luck ;)

LOVING my mission!
From Ms. Southern Virginia,
Sister Thomas


Me and my companion Sister W8

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