Sunday, January 11, 2015

Second Week!

Can ya'll believe it?! I'm already on my second week! Crazy stuff! And Oh my goodness! I can't believe how amazing my companion, Sis. Weight is! We get along like crazy! I love her soooo much!
Alrighty.....Here's this past week:

     Tuesday - No new investigators or other lessons. (not from lack of trying ;) )Saw Shawn. (LA) He told us that whenever he wants dope, he reads the scriptures (BOM) and goes for a walk; then the urge goes away! GOOD JOB SHAWN! A La family gave us a 4th of July Christmas tree thing...haha. That night I had a dream where my mission president sent me home after being on my mission for a week, because he was triple dog dared to. I was so upset. :p
     Wed - Feeding America. Lunch with Stacey - buffet! yum! She has SUPER long hair. LOVED it! She's a LA (less active in the church). Went tracting on a tiny rd. We found someone named brian. For the past ten years he has been studying Hebrew & Greek. He's been reading the Dead Sea Scrolls. He's read the bible multiple times and kept teaching us bout many things he knew.  We could barely get any words in. He has a cute little 2 year old. His wife wasn't home, so we couldn't go inside. IT WAS FREEZING! We needed up giving him  BOM (which he was really excited about) and scheduled to go back the next day. 2pm - had appt with scott clark at sis. Mcmurry's (stk pres. wife) house. When Scott walked in he was holding a quad (BOM, Bible, (old n new) D&C & pearl of Great Price - in one book) and we were all amazed. He explained how for truck training he went to SLC and walked downtown, eventually leading him to the visitor's center. After going around there for a couple of days he was really interested. In a used Book store he got the quad. Anyways, he's a truck driver, so he's traveling a lot, so the SLC sisters taught him a lot on the phone. He wants to start completely over with the lessons with us.
     Thurs - Weekly planning...SOOO BORING!!! But so neccessary! :p 2:30 went back to Brian's house, but this time with the ML (mission leader - bro. Guestwitz) so we ended up going through a repeat of last time. BUT we got to meet his wife, Stacey! We also found out that he believes the same way we do about the trinity - how they're 3 sepereate beings and one in purpose! sweeeeet! I love seeing the love of Christ in others lives! 6:30 - we went tracting on doors in a trailer park. Everyone there was very sweet, but wasn't open to hearing our message. By the time we were going to start heading back we saw a guy walking his dog. We talked to him and found out his name was Shane and the dog's name was Smokey. About 10-11 years ago Elders were going over to his house a lot. They promised him a BOM but he never got one. They apparently became really close friends. He also admitted to us that he doesn't believe the first vision with Joseph Smith. We ended up giving him a BOM in his house while meeting his wife, Penney. Shane continued on explaining that he believed God to be one person and that man could never see him without dying. He believed ppl could see Christ; but once He put the Glory of God on, no one could see him unless he died. I have to admit, that was the first time I had heard that one, but I lvoe hearing what everyone believes! I personally know Joseph Smith saw 2 personages, HF and Jesus Christ. I know they are 2 seperate beings with one purpose. We weren't going to or even wanted to argue with him. We respected him for his beliefs and shared ours with him. They offered to allow us to come back, so we left them with a prayer, gave hugs and handshakes then went on our way to dinner. For dinner, we ended up helping carve pumpkins and pack up candy bags for the trick or treaters for the next day - halloween. We ended up watching the Restoration while eating pizza. It made me think, Joseph was 14 years old when he had the first vision. If any of you or anyone you know is 14, compare yourself to Joseph Smith. If you were living in his time, and there were so many churches, would you search that diligently for the 'right' one? And if you read James 1:5 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God" would you go and pray sincerly about it? Then if you received that vision, or that answer, what would you do?! Would you be quiet about it, or would you do what God asked you to do?
     Frid - HALLOWEEN!!!! I had a terrible night sleeping last night! My heart was racing so much and idk why! Around midnight (after I had already taken 2 tranquil sleeps and they weren't helping) I went and made myself some chamomile tea downstairs. Thankfully I never woke up my companion, Sis. Weight. After I drank the tea, I put two drops on each foot of Serenity (Essential Oils - DoTerra). I ended up falling asleep about an hour later. Thank goodness for the tools we have been given! Heavenly Father gave me the energy I needed, since He knew I was doing my best to sleep when I was supposed to. District meeting was good (very spiritual) then we all ate at Five Guys for lunch. I did some OYM-ing. (open your mouth). There was a guy getting a drink the same time I was. I said hello and asked him if he waxs ready for the snow. (Heard there was supposed to be snow for the weekend). He said that he was. I told him I wasn't from around here, but from FL, so I was pretty excited. He then got excited and said that he and his friends were going to FL (near tampa) the next day for the winter. It ended up with me explaining why I was away from home, meeting his friends, (and one guy was named Don Cook - same as my grandpa) and gave them a pass along card. They all looked like they were in their 60's - 70's. Super sweet ppl!  4pm we needed to be inside (bc of halloween - safety) so we met up with the rest of the elders. We helped our ML clean the church, then all played Funny or Die. Was awesome!
     Sat - We woke up and got a text from the Elders about SNOW! I quickly ran downstairs, swung the door open and it was SNOWING!!!! My comp took pics of me the best she could (was still dark outside) I was like a lil kid all day - super excited about the snow! I'm so happy here! We have a great ward, and I have a great companion and the spirit is SO strong!I can't wait to see what else God has in store for the rest of my mission! The snow was gorgeous! We ended up going up North to visit some LA's. The first house was really sweet, and the spirit was so strong while I was saying the closing prayer. The next 3 houses...MAN was the smoke strong in their homes!!! For any of you who smoke, or know someone that smokes, either you or the person you know...PLEEEASSE if you're going to smoke, DON'T smoke in your homes!!! I could barely breathe, gave me a headache, and I could barely concentrate, for the whole time I was concentrating on breathing! Please help us out! My comp and I had dinner at Subway. I can't express how much I love talking and spending time with her! It's like we've known each other for forever!
     Sund - It was as if the snow never happened. thank goodness for pictures! Was sad tho. But man... COLD COLD COLD COLD COOOOLD! By nightfall, it was 29* F! Unfortunetly none of our investigators came to church. Scott chickened out, Brian & Stacy had a sick daughter, Lina and Juan had family that came him so .....nobody. Maybe next week :)
     Today - Not much to report. Jack Frost Left his mark during the night. PLEASE write

! Love and miss you all!
From Ms. Southern Tennessee,

Our first snow!!
Sister Thomas

First snow outside our apt.

A birthday treat

Our district

P-day fun

My birthday dinner

We love Bev our adopted grandma!

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