Monday, January 12, 2015

Mission Conference Notes

 Some notes I took at Mission Conference:
  You have the right and obligation to know the truth for yourself. And once you know it, write down your experience.  Jesus Christ LIVES! He is mine and your Savior and Redeemer! He leads this Church! Conversion is to Christ, not to a principal - take upon the name of Christ. When we stumble, Christ is like parents teaching their children how to walk and they fall "look how far you've come! Keep trying!"  We're all Saints if we keep on trying! Start your mission right here and right now! What can I do to make this better / work? It's everyone's responsibility to help! 
What is learned is from an experience which goes into knowledge which makes it very real. Faith = light of Christ = exposed to truth = manifestation of Holy Ghost = starts upward on your faith - only through your own action. You're either progressing or regressing. We are conduits and channels - we are not the light. Be a conduits, not a filter. Continue to do things that invite the Holy Ghost - which will change your nature of who you are (Alma 32) 
Act on your faith, for faith without works is dead - just like growing a garden = faith it will grow is one thing, but you have to constantly tend the garden. You have to know  the Gospel is true and be  true to the Gospel. Faith, Holy Ghost and Action = Helix - spiral = slinky . Take a few steps and you'll get a little more and more.  
 Get your feet wet for the miracles to start. Keep your hope! <-- act in faith! A testimony is a gift from God! As your testimony grows, you gain more of a personal accountability!
 Teach and learn by the spirit = seek in faith! We can learn things not even being taught (3 Nephi 26:14) the children knew more than he had taught them. Be exactly obedient and you'll be protected.
No matter who we are or our situation we can pray and talk with God personally and He will answer us. Whatever is important to you, is important to God. What are some things you pray for? (Alma 37) tells us some ideas what we can pray for (37:36-37) pray always about everything. Praise God, give thanks ask for help, etc. We need faith in prayer and sincerity and loyalty and real intent (committed to act upon the answer you receive). Sometimes we're too emotionally involved in a situation to understand the spirit where we'll need to rely on others to guide us.
 We also need humility and gratitude in prayer. Prayer is a form of work. Labor with all your diligence. Speak while on your knees, then work while on your feet! Enos is a great example how to pray in the BOM. When we pray it'll help us recognize the spirit in our lives! If you don't act after your prayer, your prayer was in vain. Prayer is the one thing people can't take away from you. Allow the line of communication to stay open between you and God. (John 14-15) Promises of Holy Ghost. Write down the promptings of the HG you receive. Give of your heart mind and testimony and time.
 The unity and spirit will come through companionship study whether on your mission or married. Weakness is from God, Sin is from Satan (Ether 12:27)  Goal setting is an eternal perspective.
We are all sons and daughters of God, baptized or not. When we choose to act (baptism / confirmation, covenants, etc) shows we want  to be God's children - we become heirs. What is infinite divided by 7? Infinite! God has everything and will give everything if we choose to act. You can always have a sure witness for yourself = it's not priesthood or gender dependent.
Sister Thomas

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