Monday, January 12, 2015

Very Slow Week!

Hey everyone!
 This week has gone by SO slow! Most of our appts cancelled on us, plus transfers was this past, it ended up going slower to both my comp and I. Tho it was still a great week!
My companion and I are starting to carol as we tract. We go door to door, carol when someone comes to the door, then ask to share our message. One day this week we were tracting on Wiley St and did the above ending up with a mom and a TON of kids coming to the door to watch us sing. Quite the audience ;) They let us in and we showed them the "He is the Gift" clip. If you have not seen it yet, you should totally watch it! I'll send out another email with all the info! After we talked with them for a bit they said we could come back!
We kept on that street and eventually one guy was pulling out in his car and ran into his trash cans. We ran over and helped clean it up. We gave him a pass along card and he said he was actually looking into the LDS church. No coincidences in life!  His name was Brandon.
Lina and Juan's baptism was supposed to be this past Saturday, but Rex (Lina's husband) is still in town and once again cancelled our appt last Tuesday and pushed their baptism date to the 13th. BUT we are planning on seeing them tomorrow night!
We don't know what's going on with Scott. We hope everything is ok. It's really hard to get ahold of him.
Friday night we went over and decorated Beverly's Christmas tree and ate clam chowder! yum!
We found out that after the mission conference on the 15th....our mission president will be showing all the missionaries there...*drum roll*
We caroled to Brian and Stacy and talked with them for a while.
We also went and visited a church's handbell choir performance. was AMAZING! Was planning on using it as a finding opportunity, but the performance went longer than we had hoped for and had to leave early to go home. But it was super cool!
Also, there was a cool Christmas parade that we went to!
Sister Thomas

Sister Thomas and Sister W8 at the Christmas Parade

Sister Thomas joining the carolers at the parade!

Cute companions

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