Monday, February 9, 2015


It sure has been pretty great so far!
Two Saturdays ago morning Sis Wheelhouse made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for Zone Meeting. The flour exploaded on her and went everywhere! Was hilarious! Zone Meeting was really good! After teh trainings I got to have my interview with President. We talked about goals then he told me he was really proud of me for coming back on my mission and grabbing the mission by the horns and taking control of it! That made me feel really good!
Tuesday was Sis. Wheelhouse's bday! 23!!! whooo!!! She finally got a nick name from Mike on her Bday = Brown Eyes. She took pride in that...super cute!
Thursday was the day we really worked on getting the map done so we knew where everyone was.
Friday during DM the departing missionaries had their last interview with the president. After the meeting, Pres. Griffin told Sis. Wheelhouse and I that the song, "Be Still My Soul" that we harmonize with that we were going to sing for Transfer meeting...we are now going to sing it for ELDER CHRISTOPHERSON!!!!! He's coming to VA and meeting with the missionaries....AND WE GET TO SING FOR HIM!!! AHHHHH!!! A QUORUM OF THE TWELVE APOSTLES!!! SOOO STOKED!!!
Friday evening we went to a LA and she really opened up to us after we talked with her for a bit and sang her a hymn (actually...was be still my soul haha). She confessed that she never really wanted us to come by, but her sister always let us in and had her talk with us. She said that the Spirit was always so strong when we come by that she has gotten to the point where she WANTS us to come by! I love to see how the Spirit works through people!
Saturday we got to witness a baptism in the Bristol Ward. Was a super nice spiritual moment! It was really cute, because during the talk of the Holy Ghost, there was a little toddler up on the stand with the speaker and wouldn't sit down with his family...he took a hymn book opened it up and started preaching to the congregation. was ADORABLE! Then halway in the talk he gets down and gets his sippie cup and goes back to preachin out of the hymn book. :p Can't be a preacher without a sippie cup!!! ;) Was perfect!
That's the gist of this week! thank you so much for all the letters and emails you all have sent and the prayers sent my way! I feel and appreciate them daily!
Love you all so much! Pictures are next!
Sister Thomas
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Happy Birthday Sister Wheelhouse!

Selfie Birthday photo

Bev and Sister Wheelhouse

Sister Wheelhouse's Birthday

Sister Wheelhouse signing Mike's Jeep

Happy New Year 2015!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Can you believe it's 2015 already?!

​ So last Pday (Monday) we went bowling. Well, I watched since I can't throw the ball with my back. But I had fun rooting everyone on and taking pictures!
Tuesday we were on exchanges. Had much success with tracting. Got two return appts! whoop whoop! We also had a great lesson with Sarah and her daughters of the restoration! Went to a pizza buffet for dinner. Was interesting. ​Sis. W8 had her departing interview!

​ On New Years eve - Wednesday - we went tracting on Hurt St. ( ik...funny name). No one was accepting our message, but we didn't give up! The 2nd to last house listened to us and said we could come back! yay! At 5pm we went and had dinner with Beverly = pot roast = YUM! 7pm - hung out at the church wit hthe other missionaries. we played catch / monkey in the middle. It didn't throw out my back! SUPER grateful!

We slept through midnight / new years!
New Years / Thursday - Did our weekly planning, and the really main thing we did was have beans and ham for dinner at the Keohanes (members). They say if we have beans and ham for dinner it promises a prosperous new year! YIPPI!
Friday - Had a TERRIBLE head cold with a cough. It had been adding up for some days...but it was to the point where I could barely do ANYTHING. So, I was laying in bed in the morning not feeling the greatest, and staring at the wall. Sis W8, wearing a blue dress, hair braided on the side and a blue towel cape thing jumped in the room with her arm raised and sings..." LET IT GO! LET IT GO!!" She said she was my entertainment for the morning. I absolutely LOVED it! Was hilarious! In the end, she dressed up as Elsa, and I dressed up as Anna for District Meeting haha. Was fun! Even put a while strip in my hair! After we came home from District Lunch, I went to sleep for 5 hours. When I woke up for dinner I was feeling 80% better! Was great! Had a delicious pot roast at Scarlett's (member) house.
Saturday - tracted for like 4 1/2 hours! But almost every house said we could come back! We even met an Australian lady who let us teach the Restoration at the doorstep and said we could come back. (unfortunately she called this morning and said not to). We had a GREAT day!
Sunday - We invited to give Hector and his 6 yr old daughter a tour of the church at 11 (church is now at 11:30); but when we called him, he said Hope fell out of bed and hurt her leg and they wouldn't be able to come to the tour or church. Well, when Sacrament meeting was starting we sat down from greeting people and looked at our phone. We had missed like 3 calls from Hector! The opening song was starting so I went in the foyer to listen to the voice-mail leaving Sis. W8 in the chapel. The voice mail just sounded like he had pocket dialed me. I almost didn't call him back, but something inside of me (duh - the spirit) told me to call him back. So, I did. And he told me they were at Walmart (5 min away from the church) and Hope wanted to come to church to they would like to come, but didn't know where to go. I RACED in to where Sis. W8 was and we booked out to the car and drove to Sonic (where we were meeting them).  They ended up following us to church and we made it JUST in time for the sacrament in the foyer! Was great! They stayed for all three meetings and Hope LOVED it! And you could see Hector really paying attention and attentive! At 7pm we went and met with Hector and Hope and he said they were planning on coming next week. His prayers are getting SO sincere! I love it SO much!
So many blessings this past week! Tho, I am very sad, because this is Sis. W8's last full week. She leaves next week the 15th for HOME!!! She has become my best friend! I love her with all of my heart! She's like my sister! I would call her my sister! I do actually....haha! Well, Crazy enough I only have a year left....time is and will go by WAY too fast! I love being on a mission, and I am more than grateful I'm allowed to be back on my mission. I have loved every minute of it! I am grateful Heavenly Father gave me this opportunity!
Here's a new years video to watch! HAPPY NEW YEAR OF 2015!!! Btw, did you know.....(#grandpaquotes) January was named after Janice - The God of Open doors and new beginnings? cool right?!

OH! And I forgot to say something! We were at Beverly's house talking about prayer and why it's important to say prayers out loud before and after church meetings, like sacrament meeting. And all of a sudden, the thought came to me then immediately left my mouth saying it's a consecration to the meeting. I have NEVER thought of it like that before, and it just came out of my mouth. As soon as it came out, I thought about it and was amazed! Heavenly Father is using me, his daughter as an instrument in His hands. I cannot express how much this means to me! I love it!
Sister Thomas
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P-Day bowling: Elder's Hoyt and Boore Sister's W8 and Burr

Elders Hoyt and Boore, Sisters Thomas, Burr and Gifford

Signing Mike's Jeep

Sister Thomas and Elder Hoyt

P-Day Sister W8 bowling

Pizza Inn

Frozen: Elsa and Anna

Sister W8 and Sister Thomas
cir. #11 Abingdon, VA 24211

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy Happy New Year!!! Can you believe the year is already up?! Crazy how time flies! On Dec 21'st I reached my 6 month mark!!! I ONLY HAVE A YEAR LEFT! CARRAAAAAAZY!!!! Well, I don't have much to share today, but Christmas was AWE-MAY-ZING!!! I got to skype my wonderful beautiful family. Was GREAT seeing them and being able to talk with them! We got to do service Christmas eve and Christmas day at a soup kitchen (tons and tons of fun!!!), went to Bev's house and opened our presents Christmas morning. (Thank you so much for everything you all gave me through emails, cards, presents, and smiles LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!) Alright, so my comp wrapped all my same stuff and gave them back to me on Christmas. haha...she's awesome! But she did make me a planner with quotes on the inside and picture of her on the back. Super fun! Skyped family at 1pm.
Saturday = BAPTISM!!! We had a beautiful baptism of Shasta Stone and her brother Jonathan Williams! I got to sing a musical number for them and they got to have their friend from AZ skype in the HG talk. It was a great event! They came to church Sunday and got confirmed! The spirit was VERY strong!! I love being a missionary!
Sorry there's not much to report this week! I hope to hear from you all soon!!!
Sista T.
Sister Thomas
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The Week of December 22, 2014


Wednesday =  after we got home from Feeding America we came home to a pack of water bottles on our door step. Sis W8 immediatly thought, "Mike was here!" Mike was her next door neighbor in her NC area. He's a train driver and works in Abingdon like every other day. He used to always bring her and her comp packs of water. AFter we ate lunch, we heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to find a man with Sis. W8 coming down the setairs, "MIKE!!!" Well...I finally got to meet the infamous Mike that she talked SO much about! haha! Since we already ate lunch he took us out for dessert at Dairy Queen. He gives nick names to everyone. Finally at the end, my new nick name became....SPROUT! I love it! Sis W8's is Sunshine. When we got back, I got a package with my tranquil sleep in it from my lemme tell you something really cool.
     Now, I have insomnia pretty bad. My mind runs, I'm wide awake and my heart races. Well, I brought a TON of tranquil sleep with me, which is the only source that helps me sleep without making me groggy in the mornning (all natural) Last Monday I realized I only had a few more. As of lately, I usually take one or two a night. I emailed my mom that I needed more. One night, I realized I only had two left. That night in my prayers I asked Heavenly Father to bless the tranquil sleep that it would act as if I was taking one or two pills that night for I was only going to each 1/2 of it so ?I could use it / them  for as long as I could. I slept so soundsly that night - was amazing! I did the same the next two nights. When I got to the last 1/2 piece I only did a 1/4 but asked for the same blessing in my prayers that night. God blessed it the same. I then didn't have any more the next night. Luckily Sis W8  had some serenity essential oil.  This oil usually has only helped me sleep once I had taken tranquile Sleep. I prayed that night for the same result as the 1/2 or 1/4 amount of Tranquil Sleep, and God once again answered my prayers. I only had to sleep one night without Tranquil Sleep because of the package my mom sent me with some in it! So grateful! Heavenly Father really does look after me / all of us; and when we ask for help, He's always there wanting to bless / help us!
     We had another great lesson with the Williams.

Thursday - I was reading in Enos. I came to the part about being made whole. I have been wondering that definition for a while now. In the end, I think it's a spiritual healing. Like the woman that touched Christ's robe was "unclean" from the law of Moses and was unable to enter into the temple. When seh was made whole, she was then "clean". Interesting, huh?!
     We went tracting and met thsi guy named Charles Carmack. He was fixing his nieghbor's mailbox for her. He is hilarious! Be careful not to have zits when you visit him tho...he'll point them out! hahahaha! We got a return appt for Tuesday / tomorrow at 1! yippi!

Friday - Sure felt like Saturday to both my comp and I! We went and talked with Jada at her work (subway). We talked wit hher for a hbit. She then informed us that her 16 year old son, Chandler just signed up for tract. I told her my sister was in tract. THEN (get this!) she told us that he got into his school's musical / play. She said it was called something different, but was based off the Princess and the Pea. I quickly chipped in, "ONCE UPON A MATRRESS?!" She agreed. Excitedly I exclaimed I was the accompianst for my school's version of that musical! We talked about that for a while. Was SUPER cool!
Sat - Had a great lesson with the Williams! We went over prophets, tithing and fast offerings. They're still on for the baptism! After dinner at the Tyhurst's, we all went caroling to their neighbors and to one of them read the Christmas story with them. Was super cool!
Sunday - Williams came! Had their baptismal interviews! PASSED!'s just like 10 questions. Just to make sure they know what they're committing to. BAPTISM IS STILL ON FOR SATURDAY!!! SUPER SUPER SUPER STOKED!!! They are amazing!
I'm loving this mission so much! I'm super stoked to skype fam on Christmas!!!!!!
Sister Thomas
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