Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Alright ya'll! Things have been going pretty great around here!!! Here's my update:

Tuesday - After our studies we went tracting. We got out of the car with snow slightly on the ground and our noses practically froze off our faces. TI was SO cold! Sis Weight was NOT prepared for the cold. she ended up pulling her hat down over her face and I guided her to the car. Was HILARIOUS! We were planning on having a lesson with Scott Clark at one at the McMurry's. Scott texted us saying he wouldn't be able to make it to the appt because he was job searching for something local. We were like, "Take a break and learn the gospel with us!" In the end he said the spirit was really telling him he needed to meet with us!So we met up at the McMurry's house with Sis. McMurry. He admitted thath e felt that God told him to do whatever we asked of him.God must trust us a lot! That feels really good! We talked with him a lot then went through the 10 commandments with the hand signals. He LOVED them! After that it led into the baptism. we went over the baptism interview questions with him. HE ACCEPTED A BAPTISM DATE FOR THE 29TH!!!! We were all so excited! all his answers and comments were perfectly aligned with what we believe! At 5pm we had a lesson with Lina and Juan with Sis. Bauserman. We taught pretty much the exact same lesson we taught Scott. (not on purpose). Juan LOVED the hand signals! We extended the baptism invite and THEY TOO ACCEPTED! They wanted to before Dec, so it'll prob be the same date as Scott's! She just has to call her husband Rex and make sure he's ok with it because since he's a truck driver, he's NEVER home and never knows when he'll be home. 7pm we taught Buford and Shanna doss who had their 1 yr old grandson. Buford is the one Sis W8 and sis. Little tracted into at the community college during exchanges. he was the worker blowing leaves int he rain. Well, we visted them with Bro. Gestwitz and ended up teaching the restoration of the church. They opened up a lot to us! We talked about the HG and shanna (Buford's wife) said she felt that we were the "real thing". That was cool! The spirit was so strong. I know He was teaching for me when I felt i wasn't doing a good job. In the end, they asked if we have a prophet today. YAY! Yes in fact we do! President Thomas, S. Monson! Go to to hear or read some of his talks! Everything made sense to them! They believed Joseph Smith had that vision! They accepted to read and pray about the BOM and they might have one of their songs over next time for the lesson! SUPER stoked! WHAT A BLESSING! So many souls are coming closer to Christ! I absolutely LOVE being a missionary! and I have an AMAZING companion! 

Wed - in the morning I went outside to the car and saw that Sis. W8's water bottle was frozen solid! WAS HILARIOUS! 

Thurs - A ward member, Sis. Songer crocheted some hats for us. SUPER cute and SUPER sweet! I made dinner for my comp and I - recipe my mom gave me! DELICIOUS! 

Frid - 5 MONTH MARK! I have finally after a year am now able to add one month progress to my mission! How amazing is that?! It really doesn't feel real yet ;) After DM my comp and I met up with our ML and Nikki (just recent returned missionary from NY) and went to an hour away house (still in ward boundaries) - LA = Williams. We went inside and both Sis. and Bro. Williams were really sweet! We got to know them before their 14 yr old son Jonathan got home from school (not member - but interested). we talked with them for a bit, then their 24 yr old widowed daughter, Shasta walked in with her two sons - 6 & 4 yr old. We ended up teaching the restoration. Both  Jonathan and Shasta were intently listening and the whole family said they'd come to the hour away church on Sunday. Now that's a testimony / faith! At our dinner appt, we talked with Scarlett (Rex's sister) and she said she talked to Rex on the phone (Rex is Lina's husband who is LA) and said he cried about Lina and Juan getting baptized!  (happy cry) and he won't make her wait until he's home from truck driving! Sis W8 and I were ecstatic! So...we're thinking of Dec 6 for them, so they can have a Spanish baptism session! On the way home, I was talking to sis W8 and I realized I would be at the mission home right then to go home. As I was thinking about it, I'm NOT ready for marriage .... or college! I'm glad / grateful HF allowed me to still stay on my mission because of my year home! before bed, both my companion and I prayed really hard that HF would allow us to receive 3 new opportunities with new investigators and other lessons. As I was lying in bed, the scripture D&C 782 came into my head. I immediately got up to look it up because I didn't want to forget it by morning. There is no section 782. so I turned to section 7 thinking maybe there was a verse 82.  It only went up to verse 8. So I decided to read both verses 8 & 2. I didn't understand the meaning so I left the scripture open and went back to bed.

Sat - for personal study I went back to the scripture I opened up to the night before. I realized that vs 2 was us turning to God and asking for our goal to be fulfilled and vs 8 was God accepting our request and granting us our wish. I was super excited for the rest of the day! My companion then pointed out to me D&C 78:2 which is practically the exact same thing! how amazing is that!? Well, after our hour we went tracting. We originally went to the same street we went to last time, but as we were walking, sis w8 was like, I don't feel this is where we need to be. I felt the same way. We ended up going in the car, pulling out the GPS, and naming and writing down street names. Sis w8 and I prayed about the names we wrote down and got two of the same ones: Palmer and Poplar st. which ended up being right next to each other. We went over and as we parked the car and started walking we saw a man getting into his truck. 1) We yelled hello and started walking up to him. He had to get somewhere so we went up and talked to his wife (Lisa) and his only child / daughter (Phoenix - 18 yrs old). They were really sweet and ended up letting us teach them the first lesson right then and there (Restoration) Phoenix apparently knows Sammy Bauserman (Bishop's son) In the closing prayer, we could tell Lisa felt the spirit because when we opened our eyes at the end, her eyes were filled with tears! 2)As we left we went and knocked on their next door neighbor's house. An older woman named Elizabeth opened the door and we found out about 40 yrs ago she was baptized into the LDS church! She's a member! She ended up loving us and said we could go back and talk with her! She was watching a 92 yr old woman for her job and she lived elsewhere. She actually lives near our ML. 3) After Elizabeth we were going to knock on this one door, but we couldn't figure out how to get to the door, so we continued on to the next house. As we left a little dog just followed us. didn't bark or anything. Walked up to the doors with us and back down. I felt it was God's way of saying we need to talk to his owner; but we didn't know how to get to his door for there was so much stuff blocking it. In the end as we were driving away, we saw a man pull up to that house, so we quickly put the car in park, called after him and quickly ran up to him leaving the car running and the doors open. haha! I surely wonder what he thought when he saw us. But he ended up allowing us to come back and talk with him! 

Sun - THE WILLIAMS CAME TO CHURCH! SO DID LINA AND JUAN!! WHAT A BLESSING!!!!! so very much grateful!!!!! Unfortunately, Scott wasn't able to make it. Going through a hard time right now. He won't be able to get baptized this Sat, but maybe once he gets back from his truck driving trip = 17 days in a row. He still wants to get baptized and everything, and his testimony is still strong. Just going through a hard time right now is all. We had a great lesson with Hector and watched the Restoration movie. The spirit was VERY strong. He won't be ready by the 13th of Dec, so we'll just wait and see when he'll be ready. But we have one firm baptism now = Lina and Juan = Dec 6th!!! SUPER HAPPY AND EXCITED!!! (got to play the piano in primary! felt right at home!)

What are you grateful for?
I am grateful for:
  1. My amazing companion Sis W8
  2. My area - Abingdon, VA
  3. The amazing ward (church) Members
  4. the scriptures - bible, bom, pearl of great price, d&c
  5. my talents
  6. my family
  7. the ability to be back on my mission
  8. my district
  9. my mission Pres. and wife
and so much much more!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! going to the McMurry's for dinner!!! 
Talk to you all again soon!!!

Our homemade soup!

From Ms. Southern Virginia,
Sister Thomas

Our hats Sis. Songer made for us!

Getting to play for primary!

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