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The Week of December 22, 2014


Wednesday =  after we got home from Feeding America we came home to a pack of water bottles on our door step. Sis W8 immediatly thought, "Mike was here!" Mike was her next door neighbor in her NC area. He's a train driver and works in Abingdon like every other day. He used to always bring her and her comp packs of water. AFter we ate lunch, we heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to find a man with Sis. W8 coming down the setairs, "MIKE!!!" Well...I finally got to meet the infamous Mike that she talked SO much about! haha! Since we already ate lunch he took us out for dessert at Dairy Queen. He gives nick names to everyone. Finally at the end, my new nick name became....SPROUT! I love it! Sis W8's is Sunshine. When we got back, I got a package with my tranquil sleep in it from my family....now lemme tell you something really cool.
     Now, I have insomnia pretty bad. My mind runs, I'm wide awake and my heart races. Well, I brought a TON of tranquil sleep with me, which is the only source that helps me sleep without making me groggy in the mornning (all natural) Last Monday I realized I only had a few more. As of lately, I usually take one or two a night. I emailed my mom that I needed more. One night, I realized I only had two left. That night in my prayers I asked Heavenly Father to bless the tranquil sleep that it would act as if I was taking one or two pills that night for I was only going to each 1/2 of it so ?I could use it / them  for as long as I could. I slept so soundsly that night - was amazing! I did the same the next two nights. When I got to the last 1/2 piece I only did a 1/4 but asked for the same blessing in my prayers that night. God blessed it the same. I then didn't have any more the next night. Luckily Sis W8  had some serenity essential oil.  This oil usually has only helped me sleep once I had taken tranquile Sleep. I prayed that night for the same result as the 1/2 or 1/4 amount of Tranquil Sleep, and God once again answered my prayers. I only had to sleep one night without Tranquil Sleep because of the package my mom sent me with some in it! So grateful! Heavenly Father really does look after me / all of us; and when we ask for help, He's always there wanting to bless / help us!
     We had another great lesson with the Williams.

Thursday - I was reading in Enos. I came to the part about being made whole. I have been wondering that definition for a while now. In the end, I think it's a spiritual healing. Like the woman that touched Christ's robe was "unclean" from the law of Moses and was unable to enter into the temple. When seh was made whole, she was then "clean". Interesting, huh?!
     We went tracting and met thsi guy named Charles Carmack. He was fixing his nieghbor's mailbox for her. He is hilarious! Be careful not to have zits when you visit him tho...he'll point them out! hahahaha! We got a return appt for Tuesday / tomorrow at 1! yippi!

Friday - Sure felt like Saturday to both my comp and I! We went and talked with Jada at her work (subway). We talked wit hher for a hbit. She then informed us that her 16 year old son, Chandler just signed up for tract. I told her my sister was in tract. THEN (get this!) she told us that he got into his school's musical / play. She said it was called something different, but was based off the Princess and the Pea. I quickly chipped in, "ONCE UPON A MATRRESS?!" She agreed. Excitedly I exclaimed I was the accompianst for my school's version of that musical! We talked about that for a while. Was SUPER cool!
Sat - Had a great lesson with the Williams! We went over prophets, tithing and fast offerings. They're still on for the baptism! After dinner at the Tyhurst's, we all went caroling to their neighbors and to one of them read the Christmas story with them. Was super cool!
Sunday - Williams came! Had their baptismal interviews! PASSED! haha...it's just like 10 questions. Just to make sure they know what they're committing to. BAPTISM IS STILL ON FOR SATURDAY!!! SUPER SUPER SUPER STOKED!!! They are amazing!
I'm loving this mission so much! I'm super stoked to skype fam on Christmas!!!!!!
Sister Thomas
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