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August 8, 2013

My district before transfers
Hey ya'll!
 Here's some bullet points on investigators and life:
  • Lily and Carlos - we have taught lily and Carlos twice now.she is always on top of everything we teach her! we showed her the restoration last, and talked about prophets. her baptismal date we are working towards is Aug 31st. within that time we need to teach her all the lessons and she needs to get married to Carlos, or is an inactive.
  • Jessica - catholic, taught her twice now. her oldest daughter, Juliett, likes sitting in on the lessons. she prayed about if our message and prophets are true and alive today. she got goosebumps and  a strange good freeling. we explained what that was, and talked about Jesus and prophets. Her baptimsal date is Sept 7th (MOM'S BIRTHDAY!!!!)
  • DeAndra - the day we tracted her house, she let us in, we talked about why there are so many churches and the Book of Mormon. I think she is Catholic. she wanted a Book of Mormon of her own. She even accepted a baptismal date for Aug 31st. We haven't gotten in contact with her since! :(
  • Shawn - we tracted into her. knocked on her door and introduced ourselves. she admitted she was Catholic, but that she could always come closer to Christ. she then let us in, and she really opened up to us the more we talked with her! it was really amazing to see how the Lord prepared her for us! She kept expressing how amazed she was that we knocked on her door. She admitted that if it was a month ago, she wouldn't have talked with us. She's not quite ready for the thought of baptism; but with the Lord's help anything is possible. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to get a hold of her since.
  • amber -  we've only had one lesson with her, and she wasn't quite up for baptism, but the spirit was very strong! we're waiting to get back in contact with her to set up a second appt.
  • Bobbie-Joe - she's a referral from the bishop. The first appt fell throughy, but we had one with her, and she really wants to get baptized! she wants to quit smoking. She's had all the lessons before, and wants to progress!
Here's some spiritual uplift:
 God sent us here with a purpose.  To ask with real intent, means you ask with real intentions to follow the divine revelation from God (an answer to your prayers) (John 14) = Holy Ghost

BOM - (1 Nephi 1:6) - Lehi saw fire on rock like Moses who saw fire on a bush (Exodus 3)
1 Nephi 1:14 vs 4:13
1 Nephi 2:7 - always be grateful from what you have. 2:9 - Lehi still had much faith in his sons. it's not our place to give up on someone. Continually run into the fountain of all righteousness; and be firm and steadfast and immovable in good works (18-19) put our faith in the Lord and try,  and and he will bless us. (3:21) how often do you need to be persuaded to follow the commandments of God?

Bible - Exodus 16:8 - when ye murmur about your fellow beings, ye murmur against God.
Ch 16 - murmur for hunger - received bread daily
ch 17 - murmurs for water, water comes out of a rock.
17:7 - is the Lord with us or not? Where is thy faith?

I didn't get transferred. Still here in Biloxi MS:
From down under in Mississsippi,
Sister Thomas

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