Monday, August 26, 2013

July 17, 2013

Hey everyone! 
The Mission field is AWWWWWSOME!  Thanks for all who have been emailing me! 
So here's the basics of people we've run into:
  •  woman at library - acted drunk. Told Sis Keyes not to preach to her. Cried to Sis McElderry her whole life sob story; loved how attentive we were.
  • taught first lesson to nykemia (na-keem-a) she read up to ch 5 in the Book of Mormon, then the next time we visited her, she read to Jacob! WHOA!!! Two days!!! We gave the rest of the lesson. She was in awe with the First Vision! At the end of the first lesson, she committed to baptism on Aug 3! In the second lesson, she committed to coming to church next Sunday!
  • Amber - one of my comps was having a rough day. I felt we should go onto Mercedes Rd to tract. I prayed that HF would give us one person for my comp. There was one Catholic woman that talked with us and accepted the BOM; but the last house we saw was a military woman working outside. She opened up to us like an open book and sucked us in. The spirit was very strong!
  • Angie - looking for an inactive, ran into Angie; accepted a BOM.
  • Brenna - Partially catholic, accepted BOM.
  • Wilma - doesn't want us to teach her, but brought us into her house to share a message with her. She got tears in her eyes when we talked about the atonement = strong baptist.
  • Rahul - hindu - very sweet, met at library with his son. Sis keyes talked with him. Plan on getting a BOM in his language!
  • Tony - A friend of a member. Humors the family by listening. Really awkward lesson! Did my best not to be shy!
  • Amy - met at dollar general. Accepted BOM.
What's really cool, is I've realized how close to the spirit I am. While we were in an apartment complex, we were knocking on a door that used to be (if not still) an inactive member's door. Well, I started getting a really sick feeling, and started to get scared. In the end, I felt really bad, and it just did NOT feel like a good idea to be there. My training leader was going to put our number on his door to contact us, and I told her not to, because of the feeling that I had. In the end, it almost brought tears to my eyes because of how bad I was feeling. I'm glad I acted on that prompting, because who knows what could have happened!
Another cool experience I had, was yesterday we decided to go into a neighborhood to tract. My heart was pounding really hard. We sat in the car trying to find out where our dinner appt. was. While we were sitting in there, I came to realize that there was SOMEONE down that neighborhood that was ready to hear our message. We knocked on a few doors. Either they weren't interested, or they weren't home. All I know, is that we need to go back. It was cool to have that feeling. I'm so excited to go back and check it out. Maybe they weren't exactly ready yesterday, but they'll be ready by the time we'll go back. Who knows!
So my goal is to talk to everyone!!! Two days ago when we were trying to find another inactives house, we were walking up to her house / apt. and a woman was coming up. Sis. Keyes asked if she might know if this woman still lived here, but she didn't. As we continued to walk, I saw Sis. Keyes put her hand in her bag like she was reaching for something to give the woman. But in the end, when she pulled her hand out, nothing was in her hand. The woman started getting further and further away. I then heard her say somethin to her kids about the heat. I took the chance and I said, "yeah, it's pretty hot today, isn't it?" She agreed with me. I then went further and said, "So, what was your name?" She turned around and told me it was Antionette. I went forth with my hand stretched forth and told her my name was Sis. Thomas, and how we're missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and what we do as missionaries. Sis. Keyes came up from behind me and we found out she is a Baptist. We started talking about the Bible and the BOM. In the end, she accepted one, and was excited to read it. GO ME FOR GETTING COURAGE TO TALK TO HER!!! BOOYA! lol!
That's all I have to share today!
Hope to talk to ya'll soon!
Sis. Sierra Thomas

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