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June 21, 2013

Oi everyone! mission life at the MTC is going great!
Just a heads up, on June 23rd at 4:00pm UT time, the Work of Salvation will be on BYU TV, and I'LL BE IN THE you MIGHT see me! The 12 apostles are going to be there along with the first presidency! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

Como Vai?! Eu meuto feliz aqui!                                              
Minha coracao e plentitude! I cannot express my love and gratitude for my Savior!
After last Sunday night's devotional, we watched, 'The Testaments. If you have not yet seen it, find a way to, because it's such a testimony builder, and is amazing what these people go through! Throughout the movie I kept thinking to myself, "I want to see him! Why can't I see him?" (him = Christ) "Please Heavenly Father, let me see him!" At the end of the movie, my thoughts came to be, "I have seen him. I have!" I realized I had seen him in my life. I see his hands work throughout my days. I am very blessed! I'm grateful, and I know that as I continue to look towards what God has in store for me I'll continue to see his hands in my life. I'm not here on a mission for me. I'm here to serve the Lord, and I know that as I continue to do so, I will be able to help many people come closer to Christ. Because I wanted to see Christ so much, Heavenly Father helped me see how I have seen him, in my life.

Some things my comps and I do for comp study between 10pm-10:15 is:
  • 3 good things about our day
  • 1 good thing about each other (comps)
  • 1 good thing about yourself
  • Open communication time - just in case something was bothering someone - a small version of comp inventory
My comps and I hosted  the new missionaries coming in this past Wednesday. It was a lot of fun! There were a lot of hosts, so I only got to host 1 sister, but even just one is significant in the eyes of God. This sister was from Hawaii, and was very scared about coming to the MTC. She doesn't like being around a LOT of people. The more I talked to her, and showed her around, the less stressed she was. It was a lot of fun! We'll be doing it again this upcoming Wednesday.
During class two days ago, my comps and I taught Carla (teacher pretending to be investigator - resembling someone they taught on their missions). We got her to commit to baptism, and marriage! She's living with her BF, and is excited about temple sealings!
Three days ago, Sis Shaw (my companion) got called to the Travel Office because she got her visa!

During the District Meeting (DM) we talked about what we heard and learned from the devotional. (Given by Elder Gay - quorum of the 70). I spoke about  exact obedience, how he said it's not just doing things exactly obedient, but asking yourself, "Am I worthy?"I talked about how there have been times where I ask myself that question, and I think of all my mistakes I have made. I then explained how when we sincerely repent and use the atonement for what it has been given to us for, we ARE worthy, for we are forgiven.
Yesterday (Thurs), we auditioned for some musical numbers. I played the piano for Sis. Shaw as she sang No Ordinary Man. I found out right before we auditioned that I was not allowed to play AND sing. I held back tears, because I didn't know all the words to my song by heart. (in the order the lyrics were). They found me an accompanist, and I auditioned, (but pre-warned them what had happened), and I auditioned. For my circumstance, I think I did really well. But I still feel like I failed. I did get a yes, (and apparently they don't just give up yesses), but I feel like I failed compared to all others that had their whole song memorized. But, I was able to play for the two sisters (judges -Sis. Nally and another sister), and I played for them my Mom's song that I composed for her before I left on my mission.
Life has been going pretty good here. I'm  loving getting mail from my family and friends, and I believe I'm doing really good learning Portuguese! I'm really excited about serving this mission! I I feel the spirit SO strongly here!
Next week I'll get my reassignment (which will be somewhere in the states). I hope it's not Florida, Utah  or Arizona, because I want to go somewhere new. It would be fun and meaningful wherever I went, but those are my thoughts and wishes.  I know that wherever and whenever I go, it's where the Lord wants me to be.

I'm very grateful for this opportunity and I love my Heavenly Father very much! I can't wait to finally get out in the field and really start helping people! Though, I am nervous about getting out of the MTC, because if I mess up, it's real; but I know that if I stay close to the Lord by constantly praying, constantly reading my scriptures, and preparing in every possible way, the Lord will help me.
Eu sei o evanglho de Jesus Cristo e (with an accent on top) verdade. E eu sai que isso e (accent) de travelhor (idk how to spell) de Deus. eu tenho apprender como a (accent) fallar portuguese mueto bom. Eu meuto gratos por espirito santos eu sento por que com nao (accent) espirito, eu nao (accent) apprender portuguese. Eu sei O livro de Mormon e (accent) verdade! E eu sei que quando eu ler o livro de mormon, eu tenho o Meuto melho dia!
Well, that's my testimony in portuguese! I have an easier time speaking than I do writing and hearing or understanding it.

Hope all is well!
Sister Thomas


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