Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 19, 2013

 Things have been goin' swell! 
Transfer week last week was craaazzzy! Got some yummy pickles at Treasure Hunt.
Got some new Spanish Elders! One of them knows how to sign, and will be going home around the same time as me! He also has an amazing singing voice! His comp is fresh outta the MTC! GREENIE! They're both super sweet! We're gonna go hang with them after email!
Heavenly Father has truly been blessing me as far as health stuff goes! I'm truly blessed for my Mission President and his wife, and my parents and my comps! Also the ward members! Everyone has done so much to help me!!! Heavenly Father has truly blessed me with people who truly care about me!
Portuguese is going ok. It's going I think as well as it ever will down in Mississippi! The only way it'll really improve is when I get immersed in it in Brazil. :)
It's so much fun working on an Air Force base! I love it so much! We meet so many different people, and have the chance to learn more about military activities!
Yesterday we taught for the first time a man named Brian. He is 19 and is a referral from a member of the Branch on the Air Force. (his roommate). Brian is amazing, and is totally prepared to be taught! The spirit was very strong in the lesson, and practically knows the lesson of the Restoration without us even having to teach it! Was amazing how strong his testimony already is! He alreay knows Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and many other things. We will be meeting up with him today, and will see how he's doing as far as reading the Book of Mormon ( in which he's already read all the testimonies in the beginning and wants to read from cover to cover! He already knows it's the word of God!) and make sure he's ready to learn about the plan of salvation next time we meet. He wants to meet everyday this week! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!
Here's some spiritual messages:
Faithful energetic service in the kingdom of god - we serve as ambassadors of Christ. Ambassadors = leaders, guiders, bridge between two things, authorized messenger / representative. We're messengers of the gospel; we're representatives of Jesus Christ. People are always watching you. Act in diligence and and be persistent. We are in a plague of pornography and temptations! It's poison! STAY AWAY FROM IT! Satan wants to tempt our emotions. Be humble; be willing to get on your knees and ask for help - and act on that help! You are God's chosen servant! A
world of opportunity lies ahead! Being clean, gives you the confidence you need to stand tall in this dark world. 
That's about 2/3 of what I learned Sunday! :)
That's really all the info I have for this week. 
Hope everything is going great!
Hope to hear from ya'll soon!
Sista T.

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