Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy April! 4/6/2015

Hey!!! I can't believe it's already APRIL!  

Tuesday - we went where Evan and Gernie were with Bro. Gestewitz and Kelly Bauserman. EVan was at the hospital  but Gernie was there. As we were teaching the plan of salvation, Rusty walked out. At the end of the lesson we extended the baptism invitation. Gernie really wasn't up for it, but Rusty after hearing the importance of it and the blessings he agreed to the 25th of April!!!! WE GOT A BAPTISM DATE!!!!!! WHOOOOO!!!! We told him to pray about it to make sure for himself that's what God and he wanted. For dinner, we ate at Bev's. Hunter Osborne was home now from his Denver, CO mission for not even 24 hours. WE got to meet him and talk with hi throughout the night. I got to sing with Hunter for everyone. Was awesome!! We want to do a duet in Sacrament Meeting. The rule in this stake is only hymns. We'll see what we can come up with! 

Wednesday - APRIL FOOLS DAY! One year mark since I fooled my dad! That's a bragging right - right there! My dad is rarely EVER fooled! I fooled him into thinking I peed my pants on the way to my Nanny job last year! I can't believe it's already been a year since then! Crazy stuff! We were able to contact 2 referrals! Got one maybe! We got permission from our mission president to go to Jada's (LA) son's (Recent Convert / LA) musical in his HS to support him of....wait for it....ONCE UPON A MATTRESS!!!! That was the musical I played the piano for in my high school career...I think it was my jr year? Super stoked!!! 

Thurs - Had a nice visit with Terry and Patrick with Bro. Gestewitz. It was really great that he came with us! He was able to share his conversion story and have good insight! We have a ways to go with them, but we're on the right path! Patrick is really struggling with the BOM. 

Frid - Found out Girnie wasn't interested anymore, but Rusty was! Rusty had to leave early for an emergency but we talked with a LA there named Ralph. We went over the RESTO and a tiny bit of WOW - Word of Wisdom. 

Saturday  and Sunday were  AMAZING days of General Conference! Check out my other email for my notes on it! And just a heads up....just got watch / read Holland's talk...notes can't describe how amazing it was!!!!!! 

Attended a funeral for a member this morning. Was really sad. Sis. Blau and I got to be in the choir and sang God Be With You Till We Meet Again. I even started crying. I met her maybe 3 or 4 times. She was a sweet woman. 

Transfers are this Wednesday, but I'm staying. This will more than likely be my last 6 weeks here. Don't know tho. 
Love ya!!! 

Sista T.
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Me and the Sunset

Easter Surprises from mine and Sister Blau's families
Easter at the Newton's

Our District

Elders Sorensen and Wadsworth

Elder Hagans and Sister Blau

Elder Dillard attempting the challenge!

The Challenge "Mormon" burger (and yes, this is the legitimate name) Must eat all in 30 minutes!
In the end, it was the fries that killed him. Better luck next time Elder!

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