Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter Week 3-30-2015

Happy Easter Week!!!!!
Tuesday - after ZTM we went on exchanges with the STL's. I was in Abingdon with Sis. Husted. We went to the Pafford's house afterwards. I'm going to be playing the piano for her son's wedding May 9th! Wooo! It's really frustrating when you can see a song you want to suggest, but you just can't think of the name. I can see the sheet music in my head, but nothing more...AAH! that's what happens when you've been away from the "real world" .... all the songs just leave your brain! :p It finally started warming up!! WHOOOOOOO!
Wed - Had a good day with Sis. Husted visiting people. On the way to exchange back, I got to a stop sign, and there was NO ONE THERE! Suddenly as I'm driving onward I hear a loud blaring of a car horn. I look in my mirror to see this car pulling behind me speedily. I  look in the car to see a woman freaking out using her hands. When we come to a stop light, I see her writing my license plate number down! REALLY?! I did NOTHING WRONG! Even Sis. Husted agreed! Psh...whatevs. An experience for the mission :p At night I only had 1/4 piece of my tranquil sleep left, and a half piece. As I was praying that night, I asked that HF would help the one I take act as a full pill. I felt inclined to take the 1/4 one.
Thurs - At night as I was praying, I felt inclined to eat all of the 1/2 one. I asked, "But what if I need some for tomorrow night?" thinking I would just bite that one in half and have a 1/4 for both nights. The thought came to that a bottle of Tranquil sleep would come "tomorrow" from my mom. Again, I felt I was told to take the whole 1/2 pill. So, I did.
Friday - At night I opened the mail box- LO AND BEHOLD there was a package with my TRANQUIL SLEEP! WHAT A BLESSING! I cannot express my gratitude for the Gospel! And the Holy Ghost! Everyone always asks me what my favorite part about the mission is. I always answer, "The mission Spirit (other than bringing souls to Christ of course!) I'M SO BLESSED!
Had a great lesson with Lori Price during the day! Sis. Burlett came with us! Taught the Plan of Salvation!
Sat - An 8 yr old boy in our ward got baptized with his friend in another ward! That was exciting! Then the Women's conference! Such an amazing session! If you want to watch it, go here:
It was all about families! I loved it SO much!!! Got some great notes out of it! It's only an hour long. I'd highly suggest watching it! Even you men out there!
Sunday - Fast Sunday!!! LOOOVED it! 4 INVESTIGATORS CAME TO CHURCH! INCLUDING JUAN!!! yippi!!!! They all left after sacrament...BUT WAS STILL AWESOME!!!
We went to look for a member in our church with our bishop, but the people at the apt told us he moved to Johnson city. So, we ended up teaching those guys there, and got two new investigators! SCORE! We also got to visit some members who were in the hospital with Bishop. Good experience. Had a delicious dinner at the Smith's.
Monday / Today - Got my heart monitor! whoooo! Annoying little thing. Hopefully it'll show what's going on :p Only have to wear it for 24 hours! YIPPI!
I'm deff blessed out here on my mission! More than words can express! I'm very grateful for this opportunity and the experience! I love it with all my heart! Transfers is the 8th, but I'll be staying! YIPPI!
Well, you know how when you start to relax and day dream - how you start day dreaming about lovely fun and crazy stuff? Well, my day dreaming was always about home life before my mission, or what I would do after my mission, college life, etc. I always tried to force myself to daydream about the mission life. About a week ago as a I was day dreaming, or waking up to thought, I realized they were ALL about my mission - about the people we're seeing and how I can best help them! I AM MORE THAN GRATEFUL! I love being a missionary! Heavenly Father has truly helped and blessed me!!! WHATTA BLESSING!
Well, that's all folks! And don't forget to watch General Conference this Weekend (4th and 5th) to hear and see the Prophets and Apostles talk!!! For people on the East coast, it's from 12-2, then 4-6 on both days!!! WATCH ALL SESSIONS! You won't regret it! You can watch it on either BYU tv, or And while you're at it, go check out the link in my signature below for the Easter 2 1/2 min clip!!! It's amazing!
Love ya! Tchau!
Sista T.
Please write! 19440 Midwest cir. #11 Abingdon, VA 24211
Sister Husted
Mike and Sister Blau
The Smith Family

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