Monday, February 9, 2015


It sure has been pretty great so far!
Two Saturdays ago morning Sis Wheelhouse made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for Zone Meeting. The flour exploaded on her and went everywhere! Was hilarious! Zone Meeting was really good! After teh trainings I got to have my interview with President. We talked about goals then he told me he was really proud of me for coming back on my mission and grabbing the mission by the horns and taking control of it! That made me feel really good!
Tuesday was Sis. Wheelhouse's bday! 23!!! whooo!!! She finally got a nick name from Mike on her Bday = Brown Eyes. She took pride in that...super cute!
Thursday was the day we really worked on getting the map done so we knew where everyone was.
Friday during DM the departing missionaries had their last interview with the president. After the meeting, Pres. Griffin told Sis. Wheelhouse and I that the song, "Be Still My Soul" that we harmonize with that we were going to sing for Transfer meeting...we are now going to sing it for ELDER CHRISTOPHERSON!!!!! He's coming to VA and meeting with the missionaries....AND WE GET TO SING FOR HIM!!! AHHHHH!!! A QUORUM OF THE TWELVE APOSTLES!!! SOOO STOKED!!!
Friday evening we went to a LA and she really opened up to us after we talked with her for a bit and sang her a hymn (actually...was be still my soul haha). She confessed that she never really wanted us to come by, but her sister always let us in and had her talk with us. She said that the Spirit was always so strong when we come by that she has gotten to the point where she WANTS us to come by! I love to see how the Spirit works through people!
Saturday we got to witness a baptism in the Bristol Ward. Was a super nice spiritual moment! It was really cute, because during the talk of the Holy Ghost, there was a little toddler up on the stand with the speaker and wouldn't sit down with his family...he took a hymn book opened it up and started preaching to the congregation. was ADORABLE! Then halway in the talk he gets down and gets his sippie cup and goes back to preachin out of the hymn book. :p Can't be a preacher without a sippie cup!!! ;) Was perfect!
That's the gist of this week! thank you so much for all the letters and emails you all have sent and the prayers sent my way! I feel and appreciate them daily!
Love you all so much! Pictures are next!
Sister Thomas
Please write! 19440 midwest cir. #11 Abingdon, VA 24211

Happy Birthday Sister Wheelhouse!

Selfie Birthday photo

Bev and Sister Wheelhouse

Sister Wheelhouse's Birthday

Sister Wheelhouse signing Mike's Jeep

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