Monday, May 11, 2015

Oh, Whatta Week! 4-27-2015

So....last Tuesday on our pday we went and played disc golf. I remembered I needed to text sis griffin about the tests at the doc, so I texted her when we got to the park then pt the phone IN  MY POCKET! We pulled names for teams then had a really fun game! We went back to the church when the game was all over. We rechecked our emails then headed home. On the way home, I realized the phone was GONE! That was the BEGINNING of the phone catastrophe! The Marion Elders told the Dl hoping he could search his car and the church for us. 
When we got home we raced off to the Burlett's for dinner. We were going to teach Terry and Patrick that evening and even though we had a very detailed plan, we felt very unprepared. Thankfully, Brother Gestewitz was there. The lesson went alright. Terry is the only one that is truly open. Patrick's heart is hardened. WE don't know what to do next with them. 
After the lesson we called the DL from Bev's phone to see if they had found it. No luck. Not in church OR car. Maybe the disc golf field? We went to bed exhausted and stressed.

On Wednesday we went and had a blast at Feeding America, came home, had some lunch then went to the DL's apt. They took us to the disc golf field. WE searched for a few hours. No luck. No one had turned it in either. What was weird, was that I felt perfectly calm about the whole situation. As we're driving to the church to look again, Elder Dillard has me call Elder Collins in the mission office to let him know about our phone. I did and he told me to exhaust all the places one more time, then call him back the next day if we still couldn't find it. When we got to the church,  the Elders researched their car as we re searched the church. No luck.  At 5:30 we had dinner at Olive Garden with Kat and Dan & Kat. They are so awesome! 7pm we taught the YW how to make profiles. I practiced the piano a little bit for Nikki's wedding before we went home and searched everywhere there for our phone. 

It was really hard to do our weekly planning on Thursday without a phone. You never know how much you need / use something until you lose it :p We drove ourselves afterwards to the disc golf course. Our GPS died so we had to use mapquest. I have one GPS that I was sent that leads you astray and is old and doesn't know how to work haha and then there's the one I got from the elders that was doing GREAT...and then decided to die and not recharge....ohz wellz. We searched as much as we could when we got there - I tried to recognize the Holy Ghost telling me where it was - no luck. Why? I don't know - but I did feel at peace still. We weren't able to find it by the time we left. WE ate at Bev's for dinner with Hunter. We used her phone whenever we needed to contact someone. WE called Elder Collins and he ordered us a new phone. At 6:15 Bro and Sis Gestewitz picked us up at our apt to take us to the Kingsport Stk Center for exchanges. On the way there, Bro. G told us about hte visit he and bro Salyers had with the Williams Wed evening. Hopefully things will work out. They talked for two hours straight. They went over the questions they had and explained how they shouldn't look to google for answers to their questions. and are the places to look online. 
When we got to Kingsport I went with Sis. Smith and their Greenie, Sis. O'mera. Sis. Lundberg went to Abingdon with Sis. Blau. 45 min drive both ways. We went straight to a LA's house and talked with her. When we went to bed that night, I was VERY grateful neither of them snored! 

Friday the 24th at 9:30 we left to sing at the VA with the ZL's, Watauga Elders and Johnson City Sisters. It turns out the Elder I met at the temple is the Watauga Elder, Elder Johns. Was cool! I looked at him after he said he was from FL, "Did you go to the Orlando Temple?" He agreed he did for his endownments. I then asked if he met a girl there that was coming to this mission. He agreed he did. I told him I was that girl. He was surprised, "Well hello there!" he tuck out his hand and I shook it. SMALL WORLD! After singing there we went and visited some people, went home and had some lunch, went out again, met some really nice people - then went back and had dinner. 
So, I was thinking about why HF wouldn't allow us to find the phone. There was a lesson in there I believe. BOTH Sis. Blau and I were prompted during the Disc Golf game to check the phone - but did either one of us listen? Nope! Maybe next time we'll be smart enough to pay attention, listen and act! We exchanged back in the evening and went and saw Catherine Miller. 

That's pretty much the exciting stuff! Hope everything is going well!!! Keep me updated with pics! LOVE YA! 

pics - disc golf and car fun! 
Sista T. - Easter Message

P-Day Fun Frisbee Golf

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