Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My NEW Area!

HEY EVERYONE!!! Read below to find out where I was transferred to!

Btw, sorry this is a day late...libraries were closed yesterday for memorial day!
Last Monday - last pday with my district!  Had a great dinner at the Gestewitz's and a great lesson / goodbye with them and the Joyce's. The Joyce's ended up giving me a beautiful necklace as a goodbye gift! super sweet!
Tuesday - I went around saying goodbye to everyone. I'm surprised I didn't cry. Everyone had really sweet things to say! The elders called before bed to wish me a farewell and had really nice things to say.
Wednesday - TRANSFER DAY! On the way to transfers (Newtons took us - who also gave me a beautiful wolf necklace and some pretty jewelry and a small mumbo bear) I felt SUPER nervous to find out where I was going and who my new compnanion was going to be! Excited, but super nervous! I didn't know what to think! I knew I would REALLY miss Sis. Blau!
When we got to the transfer meeting, I got to see Sis. Gifford! That was awesome! During the meeting, to my surprise, there wasn't a musical number. During the departing missionaries' testimonies, I got really teary eyed, as I knew how much I was REALLY going to miss Sis. Blau! Sis. Blau ended up getting Sis. Mulloy (Sis. Wheelhouse's daughter). Good luck Sis. Blau! Keep me updated! love you!!! Send me pictures!  Then it came time for me. Pres. Griffin called my name and I stood up; and I guess my emotions were showing on my face (have never really been transferred before) 'cause Pres was like, "Don't look so nervous!" haha!
ATHENS NORTH, TN! The apt is actually in Madisonville, TN, but yeah!
Here's my new address: 710 N. Tellico st. #3 Madisonville, TN 37354​
What's funny is this is where Sis. Wheelhouse was trained! With SISTER VERDEJO! She was believe it or not in Sis. Blau's MTC district in the MTC! We were talking before the meeting even started! I even asked Sis. Blau what her name was! CRAZY! We sat next to each other and she was just trained, so I'll be trainer breaking her. She's 19, 1/32 Mexican (but doesn't know Spanish), super sweet and super beautiful!
After many pictures, hugs, and goodbyes we headed out to lunch with the Elders that were in our ward (Houghton and Shaw), Halie (Recent Convert - 3 months - also our ride), Trisha (RC) and Bro. Ward (who treated us all to lunch). It was a grand o'l time! loved it!
When we got to the apt we unloaded all my crazy / heavy stuff (I lifted some stuff I prob shouldn't have) then went straight to planning for our LA friend, Ellain. Halie was going with us! It went great! Super sweet lady!
Afterwards we went and met a woman named Krystal. She's in her 40's. Halie really connected with her! Was wonderful!
After Krystal  on our way home, we saw fireflies in a field. Halie was awesome enough to stop! We got out and tried to catch them in our water bottles! Sis. Verdejo is already AWESOME! I eventually caught one in my hands, but as I was trying to put it in my bottle, it got away!To watch the video, go to:
They are SO cool! I have never seen them before! If I don't help anyone here, at least I saw fireflies (they call them Lightnin' bugs here) JK! ....but seriously, they're awesome! They're like shooting stars in the fields!
Thurs - WEEKLY PLANNING! WHOOOO! It's really hard to help when you don't know ANYONE! haha! There's some really weird / different / fun names here! E.i - Bro. Ward, Sis. Moses, etc. LOTS of potentials! two with Baptismal dates! awesome!!!
We have seen a lot of awesome people the beginning of this transfer! Everyone here is super sweet! We've had the opportunity to get some new potentials and investigators!
Sunday finally rolled around  and I got to meet so many great members! It's a little backwards. Relief society is the first meeting, then Sunday School, then sacrament meeting. And guess what?! I GAVE A TALK! Yes I did! They asked me to introduce myself and then give a talk...FOR 20 MIN!!! That's the longest I've EVER done one! Read my other email to read what I talked about! I added more stuff when I actually gave the talk...but the email I sent is the gist of it. Everyone in the ward LOVES how I'm from the east / south coast! It's awesome! Had a great lesson with Tiffany and her member fiance, Mike on tithing!
Monday - my first pday here in TN! Was amazing! Went to a park with the elders THAT ARE IN MY WARD! (two sets of missionaries!) and with Mike and Tiffany. We hiked a small trail (mile long) and ate subway, then got treats at sonic. Happy Memorial Day! I absolutely LOVE it here!!! I do miss Sis. Blau SO much....and Abingdon...(it was like leaving my home ward)...but I do love it here! I can't wait to get to truly know everyone. Had a great lesson at Leanne's house (one with Baptism date) and she committed to live the W.O.W (word of wisdom) and chastity! whoop whoop!
Alright...well, there's my big news! Again, my address is always in my signature below in every email, but here it is again for ya: 710 N. Tellico st. #3 madisonville, TN 37354​
Thanks again love you all!!!

Sista T.
710 N. Tellico st #3
Madisonville, TN 37354
Sister Gifford and photo bombers

Last P-Day with district

Lunch after transfers

Sister Verdejo and Me on trail

Sister Carter's Dogs and Me

Sister Verdejo Sister Me and Sister Blau

Sister Malloy Sister Blau and Me

Day of Transfers

My Grandpa's Message GMM-Get More Mormons!

Sister Verdejo Elder Shaw and Elder Houghton

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