Monday, May 11, 2015

May the 4th Be With You! 5-4-2015

May the 4th be with you! It's deff been a better week! On Monday - Happy birthday Papa Don! 
Tuesday We visited the Delps. That was fun. We tried Compton and talked with her and helped her with some organizing. At Lina and Juans we watched Pres Uchtdorf's GC talk then read out of the BOM. 
Wednesday - We talked with Terry - Patrick wasn't there and she said that they weren't going to change religions, but they love having us over any time. They also haven't read any of the BOM yet either. We told her to give us a call when they have read it. And guess what? SHE SAID THE PRAYER! And in the prayer she said that if HF told her they needed to change she would! EEEEPPPP oh man...I wish we knew how to get Patrick in the same mindset she has. 
Shawn Phelps called and said he's cut way down on smoking!!! HE really wants his temple recommend back! I'm SO happy! He also said his friend Allison wants to take the discussions! 
Thursday - Had an appt every hour!! first was weekly planning, then lunch, then Juan Diaz, then the Salyers, then Allison then James Gobble, then so on. When we went to Shawn's house for Allison we were showed her three week old baby. After talking for a bit we started the lesson on the POS. We figured it would be good since she just had a baby. Shawn said a nice prayer then we begun. WE started with Christ and the atonement. We then talked about the pre earth life, and then about the Holy Ghost. She didn't really understand what the HG was. Once we explained it to her, you could see a light turn on in her eyes. We didn't finish the POS lesson - but we talked about what she needed. Guess what?! SHE SAID SHE'D COME TO CHURCH AAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNDDDDDD...... as she was talking, Sis Blau half looked at me and did the sign for baptism! I nodded with a good big smile. When Sis. Blau extended the invitation....SHE AGREED! SHE WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED! Blau and I did everything we could not to bounce in our seats and scream! So EXCITED! What a BLESSING! I KNEW there was a miracle around the corner from all that crazy week last week! When we got in the car to leave, as soon as the doors shut, we screamed and danced! 
Friday  - FIRST OF MAY! Can't believe it! we met a LA that wants to come back! 
Saturday - got some AMAZING news from a friend! She's taking the discussions with the missionaries!!! AAHHHH!
I have gained so much patience and so much love on my mission already. In the 6 1/2 months I've been back on my mission I feel I have grown a lot! I feel like a much better teacher, more mature, more confident. Yes, I still struggle with certain aspects, but I'm 10 times stronger! 

This has been an amazing week! I have about 2 1/2 weeks left in this area more than likely - at the end of this transfer I will have been in Abingdon for 7 months...wayyyy lot longer than anyone usually is. 6 is long. haha. So if you're planning on mailing me something, send it to 11320 station west drive suite 101 Farragut, TN 37934-1774 and it'll get to me wherever I am. 
Love ya!

Sista T.
Sister Blau, Scarlette and me

Sister Blau and me

District Meeting at Chesters

Sister Blau, Grace and me

Elder Wadsworth and Smith, Sister Blau and Sister Me

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