Monday, March 9, 2015

First Week of Training "My Daughter"

Hey Hey Heyyy!!! Can you believe it?! I'M TRAINING! I'M A MOM! It's crazy stuff! It's been a wonderful first week! 

Wednesday - Sis Wheelhouse ended up staying up all night packing. We got to Farragut, TN for my training meeting right at 9! perfect timing!  I was SO excited! Time finally came where we (trainers) went into the RS room where all the "greenies" are. We're actually asked not to call them greenies...sad face ;) Then, the time finally came where they were assigning the trainers to their companions! One Sister went - then the ALL Elders went. Finally, I saw a sister stand! .... not mine. :(  I then saw another sister stand, "Abingdon,VA" I jumped out of my seat all excited and almost knocked her over as I gave her a huge hug! I was ecstatic! I think I might have scared her a little bit haha! We (trainers) had to leave our newborns (tee-hee)  and head out to the chapel. Right before the meeting started (transfer meeting) Pres comes up to me, "Isn't she wonderful?!" SUPER cute! He loves all of us so much! He really thinks and prays about who to set us up with! I love it! Her name is Sis. Blau. (Like Blouse - but without the "se"). was a great meeting! There were 23 missionaries going home. The last of the big crowd since the age change! All the transfer calls were fun to listen to. When Pres called me and Sis. Blau as companions in front of everyone, he then paused, looked down at his paper, then back up at me, said I'm the driver, then added after another pause - except in snow. WAS HILARIOUS! On our way home with the Newtons, after our dinner stop at Arbey's, we both took a nice nap in the backseat. We finally made it home! after we chilled for like 5-10 min we went and visited Kat and Dan. It was really just a meet and greet for Sis. Blau.  After that, we went and got Beverly the butter she wanted from Food lion then went to her house for BOM study.  We got back to the apt about 8:20 so Sis. Blau could unpack. I showed her how we did our nightly planning. English missionaries are only in the MTC for 12 days. Compared to my Portuguese experience at the MTC of 6 weeks! They basically don't know anything! 

Thurs - Sis. Blau's 1st full day in the mission field! Bless her heart - it was a ridiculous day! We did our studies and then weekly planning. It's really hard to plan for people together when they have NO idea who the people are - or even how to teach. But that's TOTALLY fine - I COMPLETELY understand! haha! After studies, planning and lunch, we went and saw Sis. Songer at the bank. We got to set up our next din appt with her. After the bank, we drove up and visited the Delps. Their cat got SSOOOO much fur on me! It's crazy how much that tiny kitten sheds! :p We read Alma 7 (GREAT chapter - look it up!) with Sis. Delp - then we came to point where I felt hte spirit was prompting me to ask if Mia (Sis. Delp's 8 yr old daughter)  wanted the lessons so she could get baptized. They both readily agreed! Sis. Delp wanted Mia to understand the gospel before she gets baptized. AWESOME! We ended up starting to teach Mia the Resto out of the pamphlet. It turned out pretty good. I'm grateful I followed the promptings of the spirit! We only got half way through the lesson and planned on teaching it on Saturday. (ended up teaching it on Sunday)Mia was SO sweet and very attentive and said the closing prayer for us. To be honest, it reminds me a lot of when I was younger - 8 yrs old...mmm...maybe 7 actually - when the Elders came over and taught me the lessons so I could be prepared for baptism. After the lesson, and I got into our parked car to leave, I tried reversing it - but I was STUCK! With all the effort we gave, we could not get our car out of the snow. It was just on the side of the road. There was nowhere else to park, and I didn't think it was too's how much I know about snow. ;) Mia and Sis. Delp saw that we were stuck and yelled, "Ms. Florida driving in snow!" She busted up laughing! Then came and helped dig us out! WHAT A BLESSING! 
Our Next appt was at Lina and Juan's with Sis. and Kelly Bauserman. We taught a very short lesson on Fasting and prayer. We don't really know which direction to go with them at this point. 
Afterwards we went up to Meadowview to look for a LA that recently moved in...but ended up getting on a road that didn't have a good turn around. That's right, we got STUCK....AGAIN! Nothing was getting us out! I tried knocking on the door of the yard we were in. She said she had a bad back and couldn't help us = and wasn't interested in our message. We kept trying...yet we needed help. We decided we'd walk back the way we came from and knock on some doors to see if anyone could help! Towards the end of the road, we saw a man getting something out of his truck! We were able to get his attention and he ended up being willing to help us out! As we three walked towards our car, the fact came out that I was from FL (and I don't know how to drive in snow haha). He then asked what I was doing up here from FL. That led to a nice way of sharing that I'm a missionary! He ended up trying so many ways to get our car out - but NOTHING was working. He went back to his house; then came back with a woman (who we found out was his gf - Jodie) and his truck and rope. They ended up tying it to the end of our car and his truck. With me in revers and him pulling forward slowly, we were able to get the car unstuck. YAY! WHAT A BLESSING! We ended up talking with them a little bit and said they wouldn't mind hearing our message. We totally got two potentials from getting our car stuck in snow! (I think it's funny - cause I have never gotten the car stuck; then once pres says no driving in snow...I get stuck TWICE.... in ONE day.....he jinxed me ) We made it back in time for dinner with the Newtons at Moon Dogs = pizza place. 

Frid - Bishop's birthday! whoo! After our personal studies we had DM. We gave the white handbook training. Wasn't as exciting as last time...but Sis. Blau did a really good job! We ended up doing some role playing with the Elders. I could hear Sis. Blau from across the room when I really listened. She did good! After DM and lunch we tried to go find people in Lebnon on our ward roster. My gps doesn't know what it's doing. Or if it does, the only way to get to 3 ppl's houses is down a gravel and now VERY snowy road that would likely get us stuck. Thankfully, we didn't get stuck!! yay! 
Eventually after much driving, we made it to Main St in Lebanon and ended up tracting. Our lips and noses were frozen by the end and Sis. Blau said she didn't like tracting. haha! Hopefully one day she'll come to love it as much as I do. Yes, it's VERY awkward, but it's so fun and pretty successful! We got one potential too! 
When we got back we met up with Katheryn Miller. She talked for a while. She and her husband's been in two car crashes in the last 26 days! The poor things! 
At 6pm the Redder's brought us an ENORMOUS pizza! One slice filled us up! We brought the remainder to Tony and Katheryn. 
We did our comp study and training afterwards. It was a pretty good day.  We each counted five blessings of that day before bed. Was great! 

Sat  - Was one of the harder days to have a full schedule. I got lost SO many times. My gps led me on wild goose doesn't know where anything is haha! We were an hour late to our dinner appt bc of the gps. haha. Oh's a big help sometimes :p I'm grateful to have it vs having nothing! We got to see HG at the Greendale home (home for older Special needs ppl) and while we were talking to him at the table in the cafeteria, a woman (Brenda Head) walked up to us that was staying there, "Are y'all the Mormons?" I agreed we were. "I like you people. Y'all are good people." 
HEART MELTER! Super cute! She ended up sitting with us and listened to our BOM discussion. She said she wanted to come to church. We said she could come with HG when the Behymers came and got him on Sunday. We didn't really believe she'd come. 

Sunday - LO AND BEHOLD...there's Brenda coming into the chapel right as the meeting is starting! WHAT A BLESSING! She stayed for all three hours of church! I had to play the piano in primary - but between Sis. Blau and the ward, she was taken care of! Was wonderful! I also bore my testimony in sacrament meeting. Nothing fancy...just ... nice. haha. 
RIGHT after church we dashed off to the Delp's house and taught the rest of the restoration lesson. It was a pretty good lesson. Sis. Delp helped. Sis. Blau did REALLY good! We have been role playing it! She even extended the baptism invitation! I am SO proud of her! I really do love her! We get along GREAT! She is SO sweet, so beautiful and just overall wonderful! 
After the Delps we rushed home for Sis. Atwoods was there taking us to the Stone's (shasta) house for dinner! So sweet of her! The ward takes SUCH good care of us! Of course sis Atwood got to stay for dinner (Reminder - Shasta and her family is an hour away). 
After dinner, we're back and we went and did family mission plan with the Macbeth's. They gave me and Sis. Blau a free bottle of essential oils! WHAT A BLESSING! Mine was past tense for headaches. I don't remember hers...but it helps her be more alert during the day instead of being really sleepy. 
We got to see Lauren Cooper's 6 day old baby afterwards! ADORABLE!!!

It's truly been a great start to this transfer!I love being a mom (trainer)! 
Hope all is well!
Love you!!!

Sista T.

Sunday - HAPPY MARCH 1ST! 
Sister Thomas

Please write! 19440 midwest cir. #11 Abingdon, VA 24211

 New Companion Sister Blau "My Daughter"                                       

Sister Blau, Mike, Me


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