Monday, March 9, 2015

Guess What? Transfer Week!


Hey everyone!!!!! GREAT NEWS!!! I'M STAYING FOR TRANSFERS! Not only that...but...I'M TRAINING!!!! WHAAAT?! WHOOOOO! I'm getting a brand spankin' new missionary STRAIGHT out of the MTC!!! I GET A GREENIE! They actually call them Goldens here...but I still call them greenies! haha!!! SUPER stoked! that THAT'S outta the box, here's the week for ya:

As you saw for last Monday, it was snowing REALLY hard! 

Tuesday - It snowed ALL night the night before! The snow was piled up! before our studies we made snow angels and a tiny snowman. The snow was very flaky - hard to pack. Couldn't even make snowballs. We had a lot of fun! We had a good lesson with Lina and Juan with the Bauserman's (Sis. and Kelly Bauserman). 

Wednesday - 1/2 mission conference with Elder and Sister Christopherson and Suares! Me and Sister Wheelhouse were asked to sing. We were the very first ones on the program right after the opening prayer! It went PERFECT! All the talks were so wonderful! After the closing prayer Elder Christopherson (APOSTLE!) quickly got back up on the mic, looked straight at us and said, "Sister Thomas and Sister Wheelhouse I just want to again thank you for that beautiful musical number." He went on to say what his favorite line from it was (which ended up being Sis. Wheelhouse's fav line too!). It was truly amazing! The whole time Sis. Wheelhouse and I were just beaming from ear to ear! Everyone (lots of ppl) complimented us on our way out. 

Thursday - I was sick in bed all day. My companion is super sweet and when she went out with a member, she got me some pretzels and Gatorade. I love my companion = Sis. Wheelhouse!!! 

Friday - I woke up feeling SO much better! Was still gaining back some of my energy tho. :p Now Sis. Wheelhouse wasn't feeling the greatest. haha. We kind of switched days. haha! I had known for about 3 weeks that I was training, but Pres told me not to tell anyone. I was FINALLY able to tell Sis. Wheelhouse this day that i was training! WHAT A BLESSING! Had a pretty good evening. 

Saturday -  8 MONTH MARK! whoooooooo! During our personal studies Bro. Behymer called to inform us about the snow. He was going to come out with us for a lesson. We looked outside and it was snowing very much and HUGE flakes. In the end our appts cancelled. By the time we were done with both personal and comp study and done with with lunch we decided because our car was piled in with snow and we couldn't make our appts we'd do some creative finding...time to
We went out (I had five layers of pants and shirts on) and started trying to build one with boxes we made. The snow wasn't packing! We eventually got Dan to come with us outside to help us! Dan is our neighbor who is also an investigator with his Sister Kat who was snowed in at their parent's house. After a while of working on this one area, Charlie and Larry the maintenance guys show up with the tractor to push all the snow off the roads!  Now THAT'S what we needed = A TRACTOR! He helped by pushing snow into our spot and helped pack it down all with the tractor! I don't think the Igloo would have ever happened without it! WHATTA BLESSING! Throughout this building process we met a lot of our neighbors and passed out two of the pass along cards! Sweet! We got people taking picture of us! haha! Finally the pile of snow was sturdy enough to start digging our door and insides out! We used pitcher and ice shards and three steal bowls from the kitchen! With team work of three people (Sis. Wheelhouse mainly) we were able to scoop out the insides! It was SUPER cool / amazing! Great finding opportunity and time spent with an investigator! By the end we had followed up with Dan and the commitment we left him and gave him a new one after talking! Was wonderful!  I have to say though - we were all so exhausted by the time we were finished! Job well done! - If I say so myself!

Sunday - Sis. Wheelhouse and I were able to do sharing time and Singing time in Primary! Went GREAT! 

Been pretty good! Super excited for transfers! LOVE YOU ALL!!! 

all pics = me in snow!
Sister Thomas
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