Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 3, 2013

ZDM Lunch
Rainbow over chapel in Biloxi

A Day At The Park
With Comps

Hey everyone!
 I can't believe it's already Sept! Crazy Stuff!
There's not a lot to report this week.
 We did have an investigator attend church this past Sunday! We had a great lesson with Lily and Carlos, and are in the middle of the second lesson with them (Plan of Salvation). 
Heavenly Father has really helped me with my back!
 Guess what? I FINISHED MY FIRST MISSIONARY JOURNAL!! I'm starting my second one now!  Hip hip hurray! 
 There was a family we met who are very sweet, and have been welcoming ever since the first time we met them, and have felt in their hearts what we were saying was true. I love those people! Just pray they stay strong till..well, forever! :) 
We've gone on a couple of different splits out here in MS!  It's fun, because you get to see how members react with different people; and you get to see people you probably wouldn't see unless you're with a member! 
I'm very grateful for everyone here, for they're all very kind and helpful! They all want to be a part of missionary work!  It's so wonderful! Now all they need to do is invite their friends to church as well!!!! I love serving a mission, because it's not just about numbers (how many are coming to church) no. It's about bringing people closer to Christ. That's what I'm out here to do. To share the word of God with everyone around me, and I have a license to do it!  Full time that is!
Yesterday for P-day, we hung out with the Biloxi, Spanish Elders. We went to Subway, then went to the park and had a picnic while playing curses. It was fun! 
 I was reading in the New Era, and I found my friend Seth under "Hearing with the Heart" in the May 2013 New Era! was really neat!
I would love to hear more from everyone and know how everyone is doing!
 I updated my profile. Just go to and search Sierra Thomas and you'll find me! :)

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