Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We received Sierra's first letter yesterday:

Dear parents and Family and Friends,
Life here is amazing! So much has happened. After I was all set up at the MTC, I met my companions. Yes, I have 2 companions. There are only 5 girls in our district. I know both of my companions from EFY and Facebook.
The class we went into was only spoken in Portuguese!
Dinner was pretty good. Chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy on both, and veggies.
We get $8.00 a week on our ID card. It rolls over if we don't use it.
We then had classes with a class size of missionaries, and 1 investigator. I felt sorry for one woman, everyone kept making her so confused, so I took the mic and helped explain things for her. The Holy Ghost really helped me!
Afterwords, we met our zone leaders.
Not allowed: high fever, huge first pimple, 2 pump hand shake, gum, sunglasses
Allowed: casual handshake
We all got to bed by 10:15 and woke up at 6:30. Not too bad. Breakfast wasn't great.
Workshop was nice. LOVE the spirit!
Glad I have all my shot records. Sister Morrill had to get the yellow fever today.
I feel like I'm starting to learn Portugues! I can somewhat say a prayer in portugues now (using my notes) :)
I think PDAYS are on Thursday's in the MTC
How's life at home? Love and miss you all!
Sister Thomas

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